Children are born ready to learn.  They are interested in the world around them and it is natural for them to use all their abilities to learn.  At Geneva, we believe these foundational years of schooling are vitally important and so as children commence school with us, we seek to make their initial school experience an exciting and engaging one.  Our Kindergarten uses a Reading Readiness Programme. This programme is designed to develop basic skills that prepare a child to be ready to learn to read.  We use cartoon animal songs and stories, simple activities in specially designed booklets, physical development sessions and Bible character building stories.  All these together foster learning of the letter sounds, encourage understanding of number concepts, strengthen memory, visual, auditory and co-ordination skills, and help to build Christian character.

As children commence their formal learning years their interest in the world around them increases. At Geneva, we believe these foundational years of schooling are vitally important and so as children commence with us, we seek to make their initial school experience an exciting and engaging one. In Prep our students are encouraged to actively explore and investigate through their school experiences, which allows them to develop an intrinsic curiosity, motivation and passion for learning. As a Christian school we introduce the children to God’s word, the Bible and encourage prayer opportunities, conversations, interactions and discussions. They are supported and challenged through working individually and collaboratively through the Prep academic programs, which include:

  • The Geneva Reading Programme – a highly effective learn to read programme for beginning reading which focuses on recognising, reading, reciting and articulating sounds of letters, long and short vowels, blends, diagraphs and high frequency words with fluency
  • General & Other Subjects – including English, Math, Science, Geography, History, Art, Drama. Music and speciality subjects like the Kitchen/Garden programme and AUSLAN (sign language)

The primary years at Geneva involve both innovative and creative education, guiding children through a pathway of experiences that develop a passion for lifelong learning. As a Christian school we provide opportunities for the children to witness God in everyday life. Conversations and interactions centre around family, community and caring for others.

The Australian Curriculum is fully implemented within the primary area and children have opportunity to participate in all subject areas through a variety of activities and programmes. These are just some of those:

  • Maths Pathways
  • Primary Connections
  • Stephanie Alexander Kitchen/Garden Programme (SAKG)
  • Move Well Eat Well
  • Reading Eggs
  • Lexia
  • Fab Lab
  • Mathletics AUSLAN

As our students enter the secondary years at Geneva the focus is for them to become independent learners, developing positive behaviours towards learning and others. The Australian Curriculum is fully implemented and subject content is engaging and creative to further provide experiences that continue to develop lifelong knowledge and learning.

Towards the end of their secondary schooling, students will be given opportunities to investigate future pathways of both learning and a working career. Conversations and interactions continue focusing on a serving attitude towards others, the school community and God.

As students progress from Year 10 into the College years (Year 11 & 12), the experiences offered provide new and exciting challenges, academic growth and self-development.  Our aim at Geneva is to provide opportunities to further develop and extend our college students to maximize their strengths and potential to become the young men and women God has created them to be.

These are their independent years of learning, where students take ownership of their study and workload, which can include TASC subjects, VET courses, traineeships and community partnerships.  Each student in collaboration with senior staff and parents will develop an Individual Pathway Projection (IPP).  This is mapped out to meet the student’s needs and future vocational pathway and adult life.