School Rules

Geneva is dedicated to training children in a program of study, activity and living, that is Bible based. We believe that all things should be done decently and in order and that our students become upstanding members of the community. They are expected to act in an orderly and respectful manner, maintaining Christian standards in courtesy, kindness, language, morality, honesty and modesty.

School is a safe place of learning and fellowship for all, so dating/ romantic relationships are discouraged and bullying will not be tolerated. Students who refuse to cooperate with any school rules or policies, may have their enrolment revoked.

Our staff strive to maintain standards of behaviour through kindness, love and genuine regard for their students. When disciplinary action becomes necessary, it will be carried out fairly and consistently, with love. Each classroom may have their own procedures and rules that are age appropriate. They will also have their own system of rewards and incentives. Students and parents will be made aware of these by the teacher.

These systems are designed as an incentive for students to strive towards excellence. This is an encouragement not only for the student but also for parents and teachers as the children successfully achieve their goals, whether they be academic or the development of good character and reputation.

Geneva’s 3 strikes and you are out policy, means that should a student display any serious behaviour deemed inappropriate in accordance with the school’s Code of Conduct, they will receive 1 strike. This includes at school, on camps or excursions and on the school bus. Three strikes is immediate expulsion. A child may be expelled for less that three strikes depending on the situation. This penalty system lasts for 12 months. Parents will be notified by letter if a strike is given.

The Golden Rule: Geneva has an all encompassing school rule that comes from the words of Jesus in Matthew 7. “Do to others, as you would wish them to do to you”. This means treating others in a way that you would want to be treated yourself.

The Six Inch Rule: this means that students are to respect one another’s personal space, which covers undue physical contact, sexual contact or anything that would injure or harm another.