Healthy Habits

Geneva Christian College supports healthy eating, physical activity and good life choices.  Lollies, chewing gum and soft drinks are not permitted at school and healthy, nutritious snacks and drinks are encouraged for lunches and break time snacks.  There are fresh water taps throughout the school.  The Parents & Friends operate a canteen once a week during the year, offering healthy choices for all.  Canteen orders are sent out during the week and are completed and returned with correct money to class teacher.  Being healthy and active is part of our educational programme and we also encourage students to get outdoors during recess and lunch breaks.  We have ample space and provide structured and natural playgrounds for students to use and explore.  The Golden Rule is promoted, displayed and encouraged throughout the school, reminding students and staff ‘to do to others as they would wish others to do to them’.  Building positive relationships with one another, respecting others and offering a willing hand where needed, are all areas we promote and uphold.