Vision – Students on the right path!

To be a school providing assistance to parents in directing their children on the right path toward intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual growth.


In realising our Vision we seek to assist parents in their God given task of nurturing their children, preparing them for adulthood, equipping them for service and guiding them towards an understanding of Christian faith. We aim to do this by:

  • treating each child as a unique individual
  • developing in children the ability to fullfil their God-given direction in life
  • motivating children to succeed
  • providing qualified staff dedicated to training children according to Biblical principles and who recognise the great responsibility and influence they have in the education of children
  • providing an educational programme and facilities to allow the effective education of children
  • maintaining Godly standards by promoting a view of the world that comes from a Biblical understanding
  • bringing glory to God in all that we do.

Core Values


Geneva has always valued the fellowship that comes from a community of faith.  Therefore, we seek to create and maintain a community where those who enter feel welcome, safe, supported, and have opportunity to flourish.


Geneva is a community of faith.  Our organisation is built around our belief in God and His revealed word.  We act out of faith in all that we do, and we work to generate faith in our students.


Geneva holds up Jesus and the future He has promised as a beacon of hope.  Jesus offers us the hope of sins forgiven, and a restored relationship with God, which gives us peace now and a hope for the future.


The Christian faith is built on the value of love.  The love of God and our love for God and neighbour.  God loved us and sent His Son Jesus as a loving sacrifice for us.  Therefore, as His followers, we love one another, treating each another as we all want to be treated, in love.

Our Child Safe Statement

We, at Geneva Christian College are committed to the safety and well-being of every child in our care and as such, are deliberate about creating and maintaining a child safe organisation.  We have zero tolerance of child abuse and bullying and are committed to actively contributing to a safe school community where children are valued, secure and protected.