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      Geneva Christian College staff view the school as an extension of the home, sharing the common goal of training and preparing them for life after school, by giving them the academic, social, emotional and spiritual tools necessary to achieve their potential. If the school is to be successful in its purposes and objectives, it is necessary that the training received at home and at school be consistent in character, content, and conduct. The admission of students will be based chiefly on the fulfillment of these qualifications. Also, in considering students for enrolment, a second major criteria is the attitude of the student towards the policies of the school.

      To be successful, the school must have students who are prepared to willingly cooperate with its purpose and objectives. Secondary students will be required to sign a student contract at enrolment. Attendance at Geneva is a privilege not a right. Our goals are not to reform, but to train youth of every ability, in the way they should go.

      Step 1 - Make an appointment to visit the school and attend an interview with the Principal, bringing with you any reports, assessments or diagnosis. At this interview information will be provided to you to go away and think about. If you are still keen to proceed with the enrolment process then:

      Step 2 - Make a second appointment to attend an interview with the appropriate teacher. At this interview they will discuss classroom procedures and programmes with you and also ask you to go away and think it over.

      Step 3 - If you are still keen to proceed, make a third call to the school to seek enrollment.

      In the meantime, the teacher and Principal will have had a discussion in regards to your possible enrollment and highlight any queries or concerns they may have and will discuss with you, should you take Step 3.

      Once this process has been undertaken and the enrolment has been accepted, an application and associated paperwork can be completed and diagnostic testing organised for the child.

      You as a parent can then make arrangements to pay fees regularly, discuss arrangements for the attendance and transportation of your child and any requiremetns regarding school uniform.