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Geneva is part of the Tasmanian Association of Christian Educators.  This body conducts a State Student Convention every year around late September at Camp Clayton, Ulverstone, which goes for 4 days.  This Convention is one part of Geneva Christian College's educational framework and comprises of students entering in events in art, craft, athletics, platform, drama, photography, music and academics.  Attendance is essential.

A South Pacific Student Convention is run every second (even) year somewhere in the Pacific region, for secondary students.  We encourage our students to attend at least one of these SPAC Conventions in their high school years.  When Geneva takes a team we have always gone on an excursion following this week long event.  It is a memorable two weeks for our students.  Students and parents are made aware of both Conventions early in the school year.  Parents are asked to support and encourage their children through the preparation for their events towards Convention.